CPPE Kombisorbon® Technology

2015 - 2017

Union Beach, New Jersey, USA

The sewage sludge incineration plant operated by the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority in Union Beach, NJ had to be restored following flood damage due to Cyclone Sandy, and upgraded to bring the incinerator emissions into compliance with new USEPA emission limits. One of the requirements for this project was to install exhaust gas treatment facilities capable of providing mercury and dioxin/furan concentrations below the limits of the maximum achievable control technologies (MACT). As a result, in 2015, Industrial Furnace Company (IFCO) which carried out the project, selected CPPE’s KOMBISORBON® process.

The Kombisorbon® installation at the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority ensures 99+% removal of Hg and dioxins/furans. Since it is installed outdoors, its dimensions and design had to comply with restrictions from flood prevention and waterfront preservation measures. It was designed for compliance with new USEPA regulations for new FBI incinerators, and stack testing confirmed this conformity.

The project was completed in 2017.