CPPE Kombisorbon® Technology

2015 - 2016

Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

In 2015, the air pollution control system of the sewage sludge incineration plant owned by the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission in Lynn, MA, had to be upgraded to bring the incinerator into compliance with USEPA emission limits. The upgraded system was planned to include exhaust gas treatment facilities capable of providing mercury concentrations below the limits of the maximum achievable control technologies (MACT) for existing fluidized bed sewage sludge incinerators. Upon request from Waterline Industries Corp., the General Contractor for the 2015 Incinerator Upgrade Project, CPPE presented its Kombisorbon® Light process as a solution capable of meeting these requirements. Kombisorbon® Light is a cost-effective version of CPPE’s patented Kombisorbon® technology designed for cases with moderate (90%) mercury removal requirements. Ultimately, CPPE’s Kombisorbon® technology was applied and the project was finalized in 2016.