Method for catalytic removal of CO2 and NOx from waste gas

WO 2013/072257 A1

Typical waste gas inlet parameters:

NOx content up to 1 vol.%
CO2 content up to 30 vol.%
Temperature 50°C, inlet reactor

Typical clean gas outlet parameters:

NOx content ≤200 mg/Nm³
CO2 content 0 vol. %

The raw gas travels through an activated carbon catalyst fixed bed reactor. The NOx is converted to HNO3 by catalytic wet oxydation in the presence of oxygen and water. Simultaneously, the CO2 contained in the gas reacts with the NOx and forms elemental C and Nitrogen/C compounds on the surface of the activated carbon.

The elemental carbon is washed out by spraying with process water.

The by-products may be further used.